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Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone

The most important gemstone that belongs to father of all the planets Sun. For centuries now, the human race has been resorting to the science of astrology for the purpose of solving problems related to health, relationships and more importantly, financial issues pertaining to business or profession ,wearing ruby gemstone with professional advice not only brings positive changes it even change the whole scenario sometimes. Ruby holds a vital importance in seeking remedies for such problems caused by misalignment of various astrological planets. Ruby stone is the most precious gemstone. One of the gemstones used for this purpose is the mesmerizing bright red ruby gemstone. One of the most alluring gemstones, Ruby is a mineral variety of Corundum and is related to the most powerful planet, Sun. Ruby is the gemstone of courage and leadership, which has the ability to bring prosperity and financial stability for the native. By invoking the blessings of the Sun, the attractive Ruby gemstone can enhance your business as well as professional life. However it is advisable to wear ruby without or free from any chemical treatment.(a professional gemologist can guide you or he/she can help you to choose the correct gemstone).

Role of Sun in Business and Profession

Sun or Surya is the center of the solar system, around which all other planets revolve. This makes it the most important planet in astrology, as it touches on every aspect of the lives of individuals. Favorable placement of the Sun makes a native dynamic, vibrant, courageous and full of confidence and leadership abilities. It brings success in all spheres of life. Sun in lagna for leo ascendent is ideally best. Placement of Sun in 10th house for scorpion ascendent people is ideally best in terms of profession however further guidance is required.

On the other hand, its  placement in enemy houses can result in a lack of confidence and energies in the native, resulting in his downfall on the work front. Such a person will face ups and downs in business, in addition to financial instability.

A precious red ruby is a gemstone which can be worn to get rid of the ill effects of malefic placement of the Sun in the horoscope of the native. This Ruby is supposed to endow the wearer with good health and abundant wealth, along with lasting success, but placement of other planets such as Mars and Jupiter also play key roles in native horoscopes.

Which ruby is best for wearing and for whom?

Don’t forget it’s the planet of soul so be careful while choosing correct association with Sun, the center point of the Solar System. It has earned the title of King of Gems for the effective gemstone Ruby. The Ruby generates numerous positive influences in the wearer, such as bringing wisdom, creativity, energy, and confidence in him. It has the mystical powers to bring financial stability for the native choosing correct ruby is an absolute challenge only with the help of a qualified gemologist you may get a good ruby at the right price.
Ruby Popularly known as Manik, it comes from various origins see image for reference, commonly burmese ruby have more lustre and prominent color than its counterpart but please choose wisely as it’s the most expensive gemstone. This precious gemstone brings benefits to government officials, engineers, stock brokers, mineralogists, artists, actors, and dramatists.
This stone is related to power and position, which makes it ideal for leaders and politicians.
People dealing in cloth, cotton, paper, and flowers can also experience the positive effects of ruby. Those who are preparing for some competitive examinations can derive the benefits of the fascinating ruby stone.
Others who may find it useful are people connected with the business of electricity, fire, computers, printing, publishing, and metallurgy. People doing research and linked with new inventions may also gain the advantage by wearing a positive ruby stone ring.

The positive effects can be obtained only if you wear a pure natural ruby. And It is guaranteed only if you buy an untreated certified  is a good source to buy a certified ruby stone online. Another valuable tip is to have a compatibility check of ruby before you wear it. Astrological guidance is also available.

Treatment on rubies – Which treatment is avoidable?

Cavities and fractures with in the stone can compromise a sapphire’s clarity. Today, many gems have been heated and infused with a chemical  in order to improve their clarity, luster and durability. At high temperatures, the flux melts and penetrates surface reaching fractures or cavities in the stone. its a high temperature treatment, involves lead glass impregnation to improve clarity of its avoidable to wear for astrological its losses its natural radiations.


Diagram showing flux healing in fracture zones.

When cooled, the flux may either solidify into a glassy mass (fracture filling) or facilitate corundum re-crystallization within the fissure (flux healing). There is considerable debate in the industry about how much of the clarity enhancing effect is due to filling versus healing, but in either case, the treatment can make low value, poor quality sapphires more marketable.

Magnification of a flux-healed fracture within a heat-treated ruby.

Flux enhancements have also earned a bad reputation because in extreme circumstances, poor quality gemstones are literally held together by the glassy filler. While this is not a widespread practice in the emerald trade, this treatment is widely reported in the ruby trade. These glass or fracture-filled rubies can also be extremely fragile. Many are destroyed during the jewelry repair process, routine cleaning, or short those glass filled rubies are strictly avoidable for astrology use.

The oldest and most common sapphire enhancement is heat treatment, and the majority of the sapphires in the marketplace have been heat-treated or thermally enhanced in furnaces.  Heat treatment is used to improve a sapphire’s color, remove color zoning, and improve clarity.

Some heat treatment procedures are relatively mild, involving temperatures of about 400 degrees Celsius for brief periods of time.  These are commonly used on pink sapphires from the mines of Madagascar, some of the Ruby from Mong Shu (Burma)are come with the purplish hue (due to presence of fluorite ) low temperature 500degree-700 degree heating is applied with some flux to get former color after melting fluorite texture a deep red ruby is obtained.

This Ruby can be considered for Astrological Purpose.