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Astrology And Gemstones

Astrology And Gemstones
If someone said that you could alter your destiny, improve your health, be more successful just by wearing a stone, would you believe them? A lot of us wouldn’t. But what if we tell you, that everything in the entire universe is constantly making an impact on us. That the planetary positions and movements affect our life, body and mind more than we can imagine.
According to Indian astrology, the position of the planets at the time of birth is directly related to a person’s disposition- their strengths and weaknesses, success, failures, life shifts, financial status, health, basically everything. Yes, it does sound too crazy to be true. But the fact or as the famous American astronomer Carl Sagan said, “ We are made of star stuff” makes us want to rethink the above. The planets constantly affect us through the omnipresent magnetic waves.
The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus make quick shifts from one zodiac sign to another, affecting our day-to-day lives. Jupiter and Saturn govern our social relations. On the other hand, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto are slow moving planets determining the bigger shifts in our lives. This is where the science of gemstones comes into picture.
Hence, it is always suggested to wear the gemstones after a thorough astrological consultation.
It has been strongly believed for centuries, that gemstones, if worn correctly, have the power to change our lives.

When a gemstone receives the cosmic vibrations coming from the planets through color-coded frequencies, they enter into our body and heal the matters tormenting our life. That’s the reason astrologers tell you to wear these gemstones in a way that they touch your body. This permits cosmic rays to enter your body and system to cause positive changes.

With colourful hues, luminous surfaces, each gemstone has its specific mineral and colour with respect to the planet it represents with unique traits and reverberations. Wearing the right gemstone for the respective planet at the right time can provide immense benefits to the wearer. It is undoubtedly crucial to consult an astrologer to choose the right stone according to your birth chart. Astrologers at GemAstro can help you with that.

Now, you may wonder, how the different gemstones affect us. For this, you would need to understand the planets and what they represent in our lives.


Let’s start with the father planet Sun. This planet governs our personality, ego, life purpose, will power, heart, blood circulation. A person with a good positioned Sun in the birth chart can be a very influential leader. The gemstone representing Sun is Ruby. The energy of ruby is believed to bring warmth, comfort, and love. The ruby gemstone can improve your digestive powers, affect your blood pressure, and better the respiration rate. Wearing Ruby can induce more self-confidence and vitality in a person and bring power, position and authority in life which are the characteristics of the ruler Sun.


Moon governs our emotions, feelings, memories, maternal and feminine energy. The gemstone recommended for Moon is Pearl. Pearl is suggested for people who are short tempered and anxious. It is great for people suffering from depression. Again, the connection between emotions and your mental health is related to the moon. Ever felt happier or more romantic on a full moon night?


Mercury governs communication, expression, reason and intellect. Emerald is the suggested gemstone for Mercury. Mercury is very famously known as Buddha in Hindi, citing a clear reference to Buddhi or intellect. Hence, wearing the Mercury gemstone helps the wearer to have a sharper, clearer mind with better decisive abilities.


Venus governs love matters, art and creativity. For those undergoing the effects of Venus are suggested to wear Diamond. Diamonds are a blessing for people working in the creative fields. It improves one’s personality and makes one more attractive. Diamonds are also suggested for people going through relationship problems.


Mars governs action, aggression, bravery and the gemstone representing it is Red Coral. Wearing the Red Coral makes one more courageous and fearless.


Jupiter governs prosperity, positivity and good luck. Yellow Sapphire is the prescribed gemstone for Jupiter. Wearing this gemstone induces ambition, wisdom, and confidence in the wearer. It attracts good luck and wealth. It also improves digestion, removes tiredness, and helps to cure skin problems. With its bright yellow hue, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone also helps in reducing anxiety and also makes one passionate.


Saturn governs judgements, life lessons, discipline, fear. People going through changes due to Saturn are suggested to wear Blue Sapphire. Blue sapphire gemstones portray the deepest and the coolest colour of the spectrum. It represents relaxation, calmness, and satisfaction. Wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone not only improves your sleep but also enhances mental abilities of the wearer. It is believed to bring good luck, name, popularity, winning in the court cases and enmity.

In the midst of all this information about gemstones and the power they hold, it is important that you make sensible decisions based on both science and beliefs. It is fundamental that you buy pure and untreated gemstones from an authentic, certified store, carrying raw energy and cosmic powers. After all, with great power, comes great responsibility.

With that said, if you are looking for someone you can trust with gemstones, you can contact GemAstro, dealer of authentic, certified Gemstones. Our well-experienced astrologers will give you right gemstone recommendations based on your birth chart.