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Gemstones for Venus

According to Indian astrologyVenus, or popularly known as Shukra is the most stunning among the other planets of the solar system. Venus largely represents human desires and inclinations. It is considered the lord of the rich and the beautiful, providing them with life-long comfort and luxuries.

A good Venus in the horoscope blesses a person with wealth, luxuries, beauty, romance, creativity and all things good. This planet rules our love lives, making a person more romantic and attractive.

For people from creative professions like actors, singers, musicians, artists; Venus plays a vital role. It gives them creativity, makes them good at their art and so on. Without a good Venus in the horoscope, there is no chance you can succeed in any of the above professions. A fairly-placed Venus makes one optimistic, graceful, good-dressers and physically attractive. All the good-looking people out there with exceptional fashion sense should totally take a bow. Venus also resembles fragrances, flowers, jewels, sweets, flavours etc.

You can imagine what a beautiful life one must live with the great Venus on their side. For those born with a good-positioned Venus in their horoscopes are undoubtedly lucky, but we need to spare a thought for people with weaker Venuses or people who are have a good Venus but can’t access its great benefits due to some astrological reason. Imagine living life in dearth of the things mentioned above. There needs to be a solution.



The most recommended Gemstone for Venus. Diamonds can surely do more than just being a girl’s best friend. From being adorned in jewellery by the rich and the famous, Diamonds are great for bestowing good luck and wealth, they hold the ability to improve the wearer’s health, enhance one’s societal reputation, increase will power and strength, bring love in relationships, prevent financial losses, all while making you more happy and alluring. Diamond negates the bad effects of Venus or enhances the positive effects, depending on your horoscope. Wearing Diamond makes one more attractive and charming. It will make your face glow and make you more confident. Not just externally, wearing diamonds can also cure diseases like diabetes, reproductive problems, skin issues etc.

Diamonds are great for people going through divorce, financial losses and unsatisfactory married lives.


Deriving its name from the sanskrit word ‘Upala‘ meaning precious stone, opal is a milky white colored stone, often used as a substitute for Diamond. It serves the same purpose as Diamond when it comes to its astrological benefits. Opal is suggested by astrologers for those yearning for success in creative pursuits, lavish lifestyle, high social status, harmony in married life and better physical health.

White Coral

Associated to Venus for its white color, another gemstone recommended is the White Coral gemstone. The white coral or “Safed Moonga” is a gemstone recommended for its healing abilities. Mostly found in the depths of the Pacific and Indian oceans, these white and organic gemstones are made up of calcium carbonate. White Coral gemstones have the power to improve financial conditions, strengthen will power and is great for pregnant women and babies.

White Zircon

White Zircon is another semi-precious gemstone recommended by astrologers for Venus. It is a colourless, transparent gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family. It is widely used as a substitute for diamond. If worn correctly, it can bring more luck, wealth and creativity into the wearer’s life. It also helps in enhancing one’s married life.

White Topaz

Frequently mistaken for Diamond because of similar appearances, White Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone with great healing and spiritual benefits. Wearing the stone helps the wearer enhance their psychic and intuitive abilities. It is also great for people suffering from skin diseases. Wearing White Topaz may also aid in improving the quality of one’s hair and nails.

White Sapphire

Originating from the corundum mineral family, White Sapphire is a white, colourless precious gemstone, often used as a substitute for diamond. Just like Diamond, wearing White Sapphire gemstone brings wealth, good luck and prosperity to the wearer’s life. White Sapphire is also very helpful in reducing stress and depression and provides great relief for people dealing with nightmares and evil eye. Though way cheaper than Diamonds, they act as a great alternative for people with weak Venus.