Special Offer - 5%* Off (Use Code - GEMASTRO5)

Special Offer 5%* Off (Use Code - GEMASTRO5)

New Arrivals

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GemAstro New Collection

The latest and trendy gemstones are increasingly popular for their astrological and healing properties. Buy from our New Arrivals certified gemstones collection and customize into your choice of jewelry.

Opal 6.86Carat (7.54Ratti)

SKU: OP136 10,300.00

Opal 6.88Carat (7.56Ratti)

SKU: OP135 8,300.00

Opal 6.40Carat (7.04Ratti)

SKU: OP134 7,700.00

Opal 6.68Carat (7.34Ratti)

SKU: OP133 8,100.00

Opal 5.39Carat (5.92Ratti)

SKU: OP132 16,200.00

Opal 11.40Carat (12.54Ratti)

SKU: OP131 13,700.00

Opal 9.96Carat (10.95Ratti)

SKU: OP130 12,000.00

Opal 7.80Carat (8.58Ratti)

SKU: OP129 31,200.00

Opal 5.80Carat (6.38Ratti)

SKU: OP128 7,000.00

Opal 11.43Carat (12.57Ratti)

SKU: OP127 12,600.00

Opal 11.15Carat (12.26Ratti)

SKU: OP126 14,500.00

Opal 12.5Carat (13.75Ratti)

SKU: OP125 31,300.00

Opal 6.85Carat (7.53Ratti)

SKU: OP124 17,200.00

Opal 6.85Carat (7.53Ratti)

SKU: OP123 24,000.00

Opal 5.86Carat (6.46Ratti)

SKU: OP122 20,600.00

Opal 6.02Carat (6.62Ratti)

SKU: OP121 21,100.00

Opal 3.94Carat (4.33Ratti)

SKU: OP120 19,700.00
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