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How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone – A comprehensive guide

How to wear yellow sapphire

The yellow sapphire is a highly precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. As per the Vedic astrology, the prominent gem symbolizes the most powerful planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is responsible for wealth, dedication and knowledge. Therefore, wearing this gem can bless the wearer with enormous benefits. It is absolutely necessary to be aware about how to wear yellow sapphire to get its utmost spiritual benefits.

The gem is famed to bring financial growth, success in the business, marital bliss and overall prosperity in life. Wearing this gem in an absolute correct manner allows the positive energy of the gem to be channelized to its wearer effectively.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire

Before wearing the gem, there is a need to purify it. So for its purification you need to dip the stone in raw cow milk for about 10-15 minutes. Then remove the gem and clean it with Gangajal (Holy Ganges Water) or with clean water. It is preferable if you clean it with Gangajal (Holy Ganges Water), which is kept overnight in a copper pot. After cleaning it, put the stone on a yellow cloth.

After that you need to sit in the north, east or northeast direction and on a yellow colored Asana. Now the gem is ready to wear. You can wear it by making a ring or pendant. If you are going to wear it by making a ring, you need to wear it on the index finger of your working hand. It would be great if the gem is Wore in gold or Panchdhatu if suitable.

When to wear Yellow Sapphire

According to the Vedic astrology, the most auspicious day to wear the gem is Thursday, which falls on the shukla paksha. So you need to wear it on Thursday morning between 5am to 7am.

Guru Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj

The gem needs to be energized by reciting the holy guru mantra for 108 times. The mantra to energize the gem is Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah. This way the gem would be energized and will bless the wearer with maximum enormous benefits.

Choose correct Yellow Sapphire

There is a need to recognize the correct yellow sapphire which is natural and untreated before you buy it.

– The color of the gem ranges between bright lemon yellow to deep golden yellow. The brighter the yellow color the more valuable will be your gem so you need to choose wisely

– Always check whether there is genuine documentation or certification for your gem or not before purchasing it.

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