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How to spot a fake Citrine(Sunehla) Gemstone

How to spot fake Citrine (Sunehla)
Citrine, also popularly known as Sunehla is a sub stone of Pukhraj which is planet Jupiter’s gemstone.
The benefits of wearing Citrine gives the wearer all the advantages of a positive Jupiter such as respect and honour in society, improved decision-making skills, success in the field of education.


Because of its immense popularity and demand, Citrine is often sometimes faked in forms of other gemstones for profit by gem dealers.

As Citrine can be duped quite easily, the fakes are generally made up of other gemstones like Amethyst or even glass and these, apparently, can be spotted very easily.
Keeping in mind the astrological importance behind wearing a gemstone, wearing a real one becomes even more significant. Below is a guide to differentiate the real Citrine gemstone from its fake counterparts:



Tips on spotting real Citrine:

Real Citrine has a uniformly distributed color pigment all over and does not get darker or lighter through the gemstone
Real Citrine should not ideally have a pure white base (though a slight amount of white, chalky base may be present at the bottom due to baking).
Real Citrine possesses smooth fault lines that are usually horizontal.
Real Citrine will be smoky colored with no infractions or bubbles within the gemstone.


Amethyst As Citrine 

To gain profits, some dealers take Amethyst, a comparatively cheaper gemstone, and bake them. The process of baking provides an orangish hue to the gemstone which makes it look similar to Citrine. The difference lies in the base of the gemstone. The baked Amethyst or fake Citrine will have a white base with a chalky look at the bottom.

Glass As Citrine

Another representation of fake Citrine is made by glass, which is a cheaper alternative. However, it is much easier to spot a fake Citrine made by glass. As the glass Citrine may have bubbles in it, considering, you would not find any bubbles inside a real Citrine gemstone.

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