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Compatibility of Gemstones

Compatibility of Gemstones
Gemstones are generally recommended by astrologers for their healing properties and to ward off the negative effects of certain planets. According to vedic astrology, each planet has its specific gemstone. Each gemstone is made up of minerals that represents the power of its respective planet.
Gemstones are believed to possess immense mystical powers that can influence the wearer’s life in a huge way. Sometimes, according to the planetary positions in a person’s birth chart, it becomes necessary to combine two or more gemstones to reap maximum benefits. However, it is to be kept in mind that the gemstones being worn together should belong to friendly planets i.e. the planets they represent must be in a friendly relationship. Gemstones belonging to planets that are not compatible to each other should not be worn together.
Just like, two favorable gemstones can almost double the benefits when worn together, two incompatible gemstones can bring bad luck and adverse circumstances in a person’s life.
Hence, it is always suggested to wear the gemstones after a thorough astrological consultation.

Following is the list of gemstones that should never be worn together :

Blue Sapphire

Popularly known as Neelam, Blue Sapphire gemstone is considered to be one of the most powerful gemstones according to the Vedic Astrology. It is said that the planet Saturn (Lord Shani) governs the blue sapphire gemstone. It’s not so compatible planets are Sun, Moon and Mars.
Therefore, Blue Sapphire gemstone is not suggested to be combined with Ruby, Pearl and Red Coral gemstones. The Blue Sapphire gemstone is generally worn alone, owing to Saturn’s fierce nature.

Ruby Gemstone

Also known as Manik, the gemstone Ruby represents the planet Sun. It is believed that Venus and Saturn are not compatible with Sun and wearing their respective gemstones together can lead to hazardous effects.
Hence, the gemstone Ruby should not be combined with Diamonds and Blue sapphire. It is believed that such a combination can wreak havoc on the wearer’s life and bring him stress and anxiety along with various mental problems.


Panna or Emerald represents the planet Mercury — it is believed to bring love, affection and prosperity to the wearer. It is not compatible with the Moon and Mars to a certain extent.
Therefore, it is said to not wear the Emerald gemstone with Pearl and Red Coral. It is said that wearing this combination will give the person poor luck, along with poor health for his whole life.

Pearl Stone

Moti or Pearl stone looks amazing when worn as a jewel. It is recommended to people with anger as it gives the wearer a calm mind and peace. It is a soothing gemstone, ruled by the planet Moon. The enemies of the Moon are Rahu and Ketu. These two planets are found in Hessonite (garnet) and Cat’s Eye gemstone. It is suggested not to combine these gemstones with pearl.

Red Coral

People with weak Mars or suffering from Manglik Dosha are recommended this gemstone. It belongs to Mars and Mars is not believed to be compatible with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, Ketu and Rahu.
Therefore, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Cat’s Eye and Garnet should not be worn with Red Coral.

Yellow Sapphire

Known as Pukhraj, Yellow Sapphire is a very strong gemstone, representing planet Jupiter. It is popular for its healing properties and is known to give the wearer success and prosperity. Jupiter is not compatible with Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
Hence, The yellow sapphire gemstone should not be worn with Emerald, Diamond, and blue sapphire.


A girl’s best friend, diamonds are fondly worn by women as is used extensively in Jewellery. It belongs to planet Venus, known for beauty and creativity.
Venus is not compatible with Sun, Moon and Jupiter.
Therefore, it is not recommended to wear them with Ruby, Pearl and Yellow Sapphire. It is said that doing so can result in negative effects and illnesses.

Hessonite (Garnet)

Governed by the powerful Rahu, Hessonite gemstone is worn to ward off its evil effects. If your Rahu is strong, then this gemstone will bring all the positive effects related to the planet. Rahu is not believed to be compatible with Sun and Moon.
Therefore, the Hessonite gemstone should not be worn with Ruby and Pearl. It is believed that Rahu discards a black shadow on the wearer’s life if hessonite is worn with Ruby and Pearl.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone

This gemstone represents the powerful Ketu. As with Rahu, Ketu’s enemy planets too are the Sun and Moon. So, it is not suggested to wear the Cat’s eye gemstone with ruby and pearl.