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How to spot a fake Turquoise(Firoza) Gemstone

How to spot fake Turquoise(Firoza)
Turquoise is a natural opaque gemstone belonging to the Phosphate mineral family. It has a blue or bluish green color. It is proclaimed to have numerous astrological and healing benefits. In western astrology, Turquoise gemstone is worn as the December month birthstone. It is a rare and precious stone in finer grades and has been deemed as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue.
Keeping in mind the astrological importance behind wearing a gemstone, wearing a real one becomes even more significant. Below is a guide to differentiate the real Citrine gemstone from its fake counterparts:

Tips on spotting real Turquoise: 

Natural Turquoise vs Fake Turquoise 
1. Color
2. Matrix
3. Formation

How lite as Fake Turquoise



In a recent survey, it was found out that almost 90% of the Turquoise in the market is ironically dyed Howlite. Howlite is an absorbent white mineral that can be dyed in almost any color possible. The key in differentiating between the two is on the basis of the following parameters:



Appearance – Real Turquoise stone has a unique and identifiable look



Color stability – The color of the original turquoise stone cannot be removed. The color can range from a vibrant blue to a green to brownish green. It is very rare to find Turquoise with a very unique and uniformly distributed color. The old stones coming from Persia certainly have uniformity in color and that is why they are worth millions. Stones that are too uniform in color to be believed are more likely to be died.
Price – The original turquoise stone looks pristine and precious and very different from its fake counterparts. You can, however, check if the stone is natura or dyed which is the price. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. 
The most helpful advice you can get while buying Turquoise is to buy it from a certified and authentic dealer of gemstones.



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