Gemstone, Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire  Astrological Effects & Health Benefits

Yellow Sapphire  Benefits

Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) in astrology. Also known as Pukhraj in hindi, the Yellow Sapphire gets its color due to low iron content in Corundum, also known as Golden Sapphire if it is immensely colored. The name Corundum comes from the Sanskrit word “korund” and denotes opaque massive gems, mostly of a dull color. It helps you by letting you focus on your work with better decision making abilities.

Yellow Sapphire is closely associated with great luck and success. Wearing yellow sapphire gemstone not only brings understanding and opulence to the owner but also ensures prosperity and wealth in a person’s life.

The Yellow Sapphire Stone is the Gemstone of the planet Jupiter and is related to the the vibrations of Jupiter which helps to stimulate a person’s intellect so that a person can work on his or her thoughts and targets and work on them with will power emanating from the third chakra of our body. Once you choose to wear the Yellow Sapphire stone, you will have the desire to explore new ideas and new directions so that you become open to many new possibilities and taste the joy of life. It is also popular as an auspicious gemstone and is used by the masses for various reasons.

Astrological Effects

Pukhraj is related to planet Jupiter. Jupiter also known as Guru. It creates an optimistic perception in the life of a person. It denotes wealth, prosperity, luck, marriage, health, etc. Wearing Yellow Sapphire bring opportunities in the life of the wearer. This stone is also auspicious for unmarried girls. Wearing it will bring them a good spouse and a great married life. It is also used for people going through depression. This stone can help people to excel in their careers.

Health Benefits

Yellow Sapphire has the ability to heal diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, lung diseases, heart diseases. It is also linked with the digestive system, skin and liver. People with jaundice are suggested to wear yellow sapphire. The healing and spiritual properties of this gemstone aids in healing piles. Wearing of yellow sapphire stone aids in blood circulation of the body, which increases your energy levels. It also has the ability to strengthen veins and arteries which further helps in healing heart related problems.

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