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Tips to keep in mind while buying a gemstone online

Tips to buy gemstone online

With the surge in online shopping, people are more interested in purchasing gemstones with just a click. However, this can be a task if you are a novice in this field or are buying gemstone for the first time.

Whether it is for astrological reasons or for jewellery purposes, you would always want to buy gemstones that are pure and authentic, so that you do not have to compromise on the benefits of the stone and get proper value for your money.

We at GemAstro understand your concerns and value the money you are investing. We, therefore, have listed a few guiding tips to help you choose the right gemstone.

1. Source-

This should be the first thing you would like to know. The source of the gemstone is a vital factor in determining the authenticity.

2.Observe the color-

Color is one of the main factors to look for. Make sure that the color is as intense as possible, without any hue of other colors. The shades are always the real colors and not a mix of shades or different colors. Make sure, the images that you are seeing are clear so that you not only get an idea of the color, but also the clarity of the gemstones.

3.Compare color and price-

Before making your decision on buying gemstones online, you should always compare the color and price. The price per carat of the gemstone can be difficult to compare, but you can compare the prices of two gemstones of the same weight as the prices depend on geometrical progression.

4.Know the treatments-

It is necessary to make sure that you know the treatments that the stone has undergone. Heat is one of the most used forms of treatments applied to the gemstones, and the costs of such stones are less compared to the untreated ones. However, you must always choose the untreated gemstone while buying for an astrological purpose. This is because, heat may destroy the qualities of the stone, and can bring negative effects.

5.Proper Certification:

You must always go for gemstones with authentic certification. It should be from an established lab. This will remove most of your doubts and make you more confident with your purchase.

At GemAstro, we realize you want value for your money. Most of our gemstones are Government lab ( igi gtl) certified.

Keeping all of the above in mind along with our Certified Astrological Guidance, we aim to make your gemstone buying experience more efficient and trustworthy.