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Our Fingers and Gemstones

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Our fingers play a very important role in our daily activities. But, have you ever wondered the relationship they share with the stars or why certain gemstones are worn in certain fingers only? Let’s find out.

Each finger on our hand is connected to a planet and symbolizes a characteristic. Not just our destiny, fingers also hold the key to our health in the form of various yoga mudras. It is an entire science waiting to unfold.



Ruled by planet Mercury, the little finger symbolizes intuition, intelligence, persuasion and communication. It denotes professional excellence, wit, eloquence and one’s ability to speak.

Stones to be worn on the little finger: PearlEmerald


You must already know it. This finger is used to wear engagement or wedding rings in various cultures. Because, apparently, it is believed that this finger has a vein that directly goes to our heart. Not sure about the medical truth behind this belief, but the ring finger represents the star Sun which is also responsible for heart health.

With sun being the representative, this finger signifies fame, leadership, intelligence.

Stones to be worn on the ring finger: RubyCoral


The longest finger on our hand, the ring finger represents planet Saturn and denotes justice, balance, power and responsibility.

Stones to be worn on the middle finger: Blue SapphireHessoniteChrysoberylDiamond


Also known as the pointer finger, the index finger represents the powerful planet Jupiter. It symbolizes power, leadership, authority, self-confidence, ambition and ego in a person. People with long index fingers are generally more dominant and therefore have the ability to become great leaders.

Stones to be worn on the index finger: Yellow Sapphire


The most important finger of the hand, thumb indicates life energy and will power of a person. It has two phalanges, the first phalange represents will power and the second logic. It is generally believed that people with flexible thumbs are spendthrifts. A slim, pointy thumb indicates creativity and intelligence.

What does the shape of your fingers mean?

Slim and long fingers denote the emotional nature of a person. People with long fingers are analytical and academic. The heavier the fingers, the more the physical activity one has to go through.

People with conical fingers are generally sensitive and are more conscious of their looks and appearance.

Straight fingered people are honest, hard-working, energetic and judicious by nature.

If you have knotty fingers in your hand, you are  extremely practical, straight forward and a planner.