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April Birthstone

April Birthstone Diamond White Sapphire

April Birthstones – Diamond And White Sapphire

Diamonds, symbolic of eternal love, have always been the perfect gift to give your loved ones. Being the hardest materials available on earth, natural diamonds date back billions of years.

Diamond being the traditional gemstone of April, holds a special meaning for people born especially in this month. With its abundant benefits, it improves the relationships of the wearer and makes one stronger.

It is also known to bring clarity, prosperity and balance to the one wearing it. Popular among the fairer sex, diamond has won many a hearts. Being the king of all gemstones, you can’t find a better fit for an April birthday gift.

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Sapphire comes in a wide variety of colors. However, White Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of April. Traditionally, White Sapphire is considered to bring tranquility and peace and is well known to reduce stress and mental chaos. The April birthstone is considered auspicious for those born in April. It is said to help with depression and stress related ailments.

It brings intuition, clarity and induces self-control. Used for good luck, security, and spiritual strength for centuries, White sapphire not only denotes power but also wisdom. It is known to make the wearer wise and mentally strong. With all its wonderful spiritual and mental benefits, one would not want to miss out on this month’s birthstone.

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