Peridot 7.46 Carat (8.30 Ratti)

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This Peridot is Natural Gemstone Which is olive Green Colour, its Originates from Arizona.

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Buy Original and genuine gemstone Peridot (for the month of August). This Peridot is certified and its photos videos and certificates are available online. The most ancient known source of peridots, this often fog-shrouded location proved difficult for ancient navigators to find. In fact, it had been lost for centuries until rediscovered in 1905. Zabargad produces peridot crystals in veins of nickel ore in an altered peridot ore, thus named Zabarjad. Peridot gemstone is an astrological substitute of Emerald (Panna), it is worn to enhance intelligence, communication skills, and good health. For best astrological benefits stones is unheated, untreated 100% natural. The value of stones is good considering their properties and effects.

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