Iolite 9.18 Carat (10.09 Ratti)

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This Iolite is a Natural and Certified Gemstone, its originating from India.

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This Iolite (Kaka Nili)920 Stone is Blue in color and its photos, videos and certificates are available online. Iolite, also known as Neeli or Kakaneeli is a semi-precious gemstone belonging to the Cordierite mineral family. The Iolite or Neeli is used as a substitute for Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone, and Iolite is worn to achieve success in career, financial stability, and mental strength.

For best astrological results, the value and price of stones are good considering their properties and effects. Cut Color and clarity are best for astrological purposes. Can be used in rings and pendants.

This Gemstone is shipped in an attractive box along with the certificate.

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