Wear These Gemstones on Hanuman Jayanti 2024 for More Money

Hanuman Jayanti, the auspicious festival celebrating the birth of Lord Hanuman, is not just about devotion; it's also about prosperity. If you want to attract wealth and abundance into your life this Hanuman Jayanti, consider adorning yourself with these powerful gemstones:

Emerald: Known as the stone of prosperity, Emerald attracts financial abundance and enhances one's financial intelligence. Wear it to attract opportunities for wealth and success.

Yellow Sapphire: Associated with the planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is believed to bring good fortune and financial stability. It's especially beneficial for those seeking career advancement and business success.

Pyrite: Also known as Fool's Gold, Pyrite is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. It's believed to attract wealth and opportunities while also providing protection from financial setbacks.

Citrine: Often called the Merchant's Stone, Citrine is believed to attract wealth, success, and abundance. It's associated with the energy of the sun and is known for its ability to manifest prosperity.

Green Aventurine: This stone is often referred to as the Stone of Opportunity. It's believed to bring luck, prosperity, and success in all endeavors. Wear it to attract wealth and good fortune.