Wear Best Gemstone According to Your Transit - Gemastro

Sun Transit 2024: During the surya gochar through different zodiac signs, wearing Ruby gemstone enhances vitality and leadership qualities, promoting success and confidence.

Moon Transit(Chandra Gochar): Align with the Sun Transit energy by wearing Pearl gemstone, fostering emotional balance and intuition, providing a sense of calmness and inner peace.

Mercury Transit(Budha Gochar): Opt for Emerald Gemstone during Budh Gochar, promoting clear communication and mental agility, enhancing analytical thinking and decision-making skills.

Venus Transit(Shukra Gochar): Embrace the harmonizing energies of Diamond gemstone during Shukra Gochar, enhancing love, beauty, and creativity, fostering relationships and aesthetic appreciation.

Mars Transit(Mangal Gochar): Wear Red Coral gemstone during Mars transit for courage, strength, and assertiveness, boosting energy and vitality while minimizing aggression.

Jupiter Transit(Guru Gochar): Connect with the expansive energies of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone during Jupiter transit, promoting growth, abundance, and wisdom, attracting opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Saturn Transit(Shani Gochar): During Shani Gochar, wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone will help navigate the challenges with discipline and perseverance, fostering stability and resilience.

Rahu Transit: Opt for Hessonite Garnet Gemstone during Rahu Gochar to mitigate negative influences and promote spiritual growth and transformation, enhancing clarity and intuition.

Ketu Transit: Wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone during Ketu Gochar for protection from malefic influences and to enhance spiritual insights and intuition, guiding you towards enlightenment and liberation.

By wearing gemstones aligned with planetary transits, you can harness the cosmic energies to navigate life’s challenges and manifest your desires with clarity and purpose. Consult with Gemastro Experties for best gemstone that is suite for your transit.