Unveiling the Enigma: Turquoise (Firoza) Also Wearing Salman Khan Story by - Gemastro

Celestial Connection: Turquoise is believed to bring celestial blessings. Salman Khan, a star in his own right, amplifies this cosmic connection.

Signature Style: Salman Khan, known for his signature bracelet, now complements it with Turquoise, infusing his style with mystical charm.

Turquoise Symbolism: In English lore, Turquoise symbolizes protection and strength. Salman Khan, a protector on-screen, now wears it with subtle symbolism.

Hidden Healing: Turquoise is famed for its healing properties. Salman Khan embraces this ancient belief, weaving wellness into his iconic look.

1. Turquoise in Bollywood: Discover the rare instances of Turquoise in Bollywood, and how Salman Khan redefines its presence with sheer elegance.