Opal uses in astrology as a diamond substitute is milky opal it us white in color, semi-precious gemstone belonging to the silicate mineral family acknowledged for its wonderful ‘play of colors’. Also used as an astrological substitute for diamond.

Opal is recommended by astrologers for people looking for success in creative pursuits, lavish lifestyle, high social status, harmony in married life and better physical health. Multiple color fire or rainbow fire ,double side fire are common trade words used to sell OPAL (Dudhiya Patthar).

Our store has a great variety of  Australian Double Fire Opal.

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Opal 5.88Carat (6.46Ratti)

SKU: OP87 4,200.00

Opal 6.15Carat (6.76Ratti)

SKU: OP114 6,800.00

Opal 6.88Carat (7.56Ratti)

SKU: OP80 6,900.00

Opal 6.90Carat (7.59Ratti)

SKU: OP81 6,950.00

Opal 5.80Carat (6.38Ratti)

SKU: OP128 7,000.00

Opal 7.13Carat (7.84Ratti)

SKU: OP84 7,200.00

Opal 6.40Carat (7.04Ratti)

SKU: OP134 7,700.00

Opal 6.68Carat (7.34Ratti)

SKU: OP133 8,100.00

Opal 6.88Carat (7.56Ratti)

SKU: OP135 8,300.00

Opal 6.86Carat (7.54Ratti)

SKU: OP136 10,300.00

Opal 5.99Carat (6.58Ratti)

SKU: OP108 12,000.00

Opal 6.27Carat (6.89Ratti)

SKU: OP97 12,600.00

Opal 6.89Carat (7.57Ratti)

SKU: OP103 13,800.00

Opal 6.99Carat (7.69Ratti)

SKU: OP98 14,100.00

Opal 5.94 Carat (6.53 Ratti)

SKU: OP69 15,235.00

Opal 6.23Carat (6.85Ratti)

SKU: OP102 15,600.00

Opal 6.85Carat (7.53Ratti)

SKU: OP124 17,200.00

Opal 5.74 Carat (6.31 Ratti)

SKU: OP68 19,806.00

Opal 6.28 Carat (6.90 Ratti)

SKU: OP38 21,538.00

Opal 5.86Carat (6.46Ratti)

SKU: OP122 20,600.00